The Most Epic Epicness of all Epic Things

Harry Potter. I mean... Epic = Harry Potter, you know? Done. I could just leave it at that, and his could be the shortest post I've ever written.

But I couldn't do that! So instead I'll leave you with some links that prove that the above formula is not just a hypothesis, but the 100% truth.

Dumbledore is my Homeboy tshirt Which I might just be wearing today myself. Nope. Not just might. I am. And it's awesomeeeeeee

A roundup of Harry Potter crafts I think the golden snitch knitting needle toppers are crazy adorable!

Cats in Harry Potter form Platform 9 3/4 is my fave :) But the little dude with the hat, glasses and scarf sitting on a stack of HP books reminds me of my Nelson (and he looks miserable; that's the face of a cat that's going to get you back for dressing him up for sure!)

99 Problems back when Jay-Z made better music... and now reinvented to, of course, make a Harry Potter reference

My Wizard... because I'm actually one of those people who read all the HP books and I will never be able to bring myself to read or watch Twilight.

The Box Set I'm in love with the trunk that books 1-7 come in. Too bad I already own all of them!

In case you didn't know, Part One of the 7th book, The Deathly Hallows, came out today, hence the HP excitement on the blog. I'm going to see it this evening and, as previously stated, I'm certain that it will be epic. Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I lovvvvvvvve the Dumbledore is my homeboy shirt!!

    The theatre I often frequent here in Ohio opened their new IMAX theatres this weekend and let me say, Harry was amazing on the big, big screen.

    Hope you loved the movie.



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