Halloween Festivities

Last Friday we had our very first Halloween party. Sean and I have decided to "claim" this holiday as ours to have an annual celebration since we both love it so much. Both? Actually, I should say Sean is really the one that loves it so much, and when he gets excited, I get excited. He made soooo much food (and I helped.) I can't even believe I didn't take a single picture of the spread. I can say that it included witch finger cookies, Count Chocula trail mix, graveyard cupcakes, (with little doll arms sticking up!) pumpkin punch, candy corn infused vodka and gummy worm ice cubes. There was some regular food mixed in there too :)

So first of all, what I do have pictures of is costumes and some of our decor. Sean and I went as Carl Fredrickson and the house from the movie "UP." I don't think I've ever really had such a simple costume before... and if helium balloons weren't so expensive I'd have spent $0 on the whole thing!

Our good friend Brett as Justin Bieber.

Chris and Kelly as True Blood characters

Laura as a flamingo, Jeff as a Lions (fan? I can't remember) Anna as the Tootsie Pop owl and Becky as a party magnet

There! You can kinda see some of the food! This is Emily, aka Tippi Hedren from the birds.

John and Heather as the lego guy and the hamburglar.

Josh and Lauren as Count Chocula and Tony the Tiger!

Oh, did I mention Sean has a fascination with dry ice? Well really though, who doesn't? We actually had a cauldron filled with it with beer bottles perched on top. It was pretty creepy for a while, but when we took the dry ice out of the cauldron to clean up after everyone left, Sean put it in the sink, and this is what happened.

Here's a few of my fave decorations:

Skeleton and mummy piggy banks (from Target)

This was on our door over the weekend, but we started cleaning up before I could get to the photos. This was my one major contribution to the decor- I found examples here, combined a few of their ideas, and decided I could easily make a wreath of my own. It's just yarn wrapped around a pre-made wreath, and then diamond shaped pieces of felt in an argyle pattern with a little owl and moon (also felt) as embellishments. I think it turned out pretty good!

Saturday we attended an annual Halloween  pub crawl and spotted some other great costumes:

There was a whole group from Alice in Wonderland that we're certain won the $1000 costume contest. (we had to move to the next bar before the contest happened so we'll never know!)

There's the Queen from Alice in the background... but we were really trying to capture RUFIO in the foreground here!

And finally, Marty McFly from Back to the Future and Alan Garner from The Hangover. There was another Alan wandering around that I wasn't too happy with, as at the last bar he thought it would be cute to punch my balloons and one of the remaining three flew off into space. I lost the first one before we ever made it to the first bar... apparently they weren't tied on as well as the ones I had the night before!

So that's that. Halloween 2010. Having a wedding and a Halloween party could prove to be a challenge next October so don't be surprised if the next party gets moved up to summer 2011...

Also, can we talk about how it's going to be 2011 in less than two months? 


  1. Sad that the well rounded breakfast didn't make the lineup of costumes! HAHA

    Great party, great food, great people! Thanks for having us over.

    Bacon and Egg out!

  2. Thanks for the great pics. Looks like it was lots of work and fun. The food sounds great!!!! Karen


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