You know that feeling?

The one you get when you know you've forgotten something? I pretty much have that everyday, but I definitely had it yesterday after posting about Halloween. Then on my drive home I had that AHA! moment when I remembered what I forgot. And it was confirmed by a comment on said Halloween post last evening. I forgot to include a photo!

Of all the photos to forget... you know they say a well-rounded breakfast is the key to starting your day off right. And who wouldn't want that day to start with a little bacon, egg and blueberry? This is Kaity, as Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka (the chick that turns into a blueberry) with Justin and Ashlee, dressed as two of my favorite breakfast foods. Check out how Kaity put her costume together completely from things she already owned here.


  1. Thanks for the link love!

    Even though we are all in our costumes, I must admit that we take a pretty good picture :)

  2. Indeed! I think your new hair color must have something to do with it...

  3. Aww...thanks for the love, Lauren.

    Once again, had a fantastic time and I think this picture is great. I definitely will need a copy.

    Miss you and hope you aren't working too hard. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday! :)


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