The Wedding Color Conundrum

There are plenty of things I could be doing to plan my wedding right now. Like find a videographer. And a day of coordinator. And find clothes for Sean, and decide if I want live flowers or not... but I keep concentrating on two things instead: bridesmaid dresses and colors. Which I think go hand in hand. But which comes first? I've heard of it being done both ways: these are my colors, lets find some dresses for the girls, or, here's the dresses the girls want to wear, let's pick some colors! So. I don't really know which way to go with that, but I can tell you what colors I'm not interested in:

Now I know we're getting married in the middle of October. It's a great time for fall colors in the trees in Missouri, and that's one of the reasons why we picked our date. But having spent so much of my life being interested in color, I don't think it's necessary to pull directly from the fall harvest that's happening around us. I'd rather accent it. Believe it or not, one of my major issues with one of the venues we looked at was that the planner we met with kept telling me "You have to use fall flowers and colors. Don't fight it, or it won't look good. Just go with the typical palette and it will be perfect. Get a couple mums and put them around the arbor and you're done." Sorry lady... this is one thing I just might go Bridezilla about. (totally joking, Dad. Totally.) Although I love fall and all it's colors, I am just not a huge fan of red or dark brown in everyday life especially. I don't think dark brown ever looks brown (more like black) in photos. And straight up red just doesn't work with rosy Irish skin like mine.

Moving on, here's a bunch of colors that I do like. And that I can't decide on.

The good news is there are a lot of colors that are common in all of these.

The bad news is that I have taken many a lesson in color theory.

Which therefore makes me completely indecisive.

I can tell you that mustard yellow is probably at the top of my list of must haves for our wedding. And that's about as much information as I can give for now.

Are you seeing any palettes that you like? What comes first- dresses or colors? I need your help-let me know in the comments!

Happy Friday :)


  1. I like the last two the best (the very last one slightly more), followed by number 3 (if counting from the top).

    Personally I chose our palette first, then the dresses. I fell in love with my colors right away and now with all the options out there with designers, shops and so forth, it wasn't limiting at all.

    I don't know if that was at all helpful. Hopefully it was :)

  2. I like the way you think on this subject. I like the 4th one from the top even though it has no mustard yellow in it. (can it be added to that pallette?) I really liked the blues in this group combined with the other colors. When i look at the fall colors of the leaves, the sky colors are so magnificent and seem to accent the brilliance of the colors. Just my opinion. Obviously you have big decisions to make. As far as what comes first, I like what K-T said. Remember I had a rainbow wedding HA HA!!!! Obviously I know nothing about these things. Karen


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