In My Purse...

There have been a number of posts floating around lately revealing the contents of bloggers' purses. There's even a flickr pool. Well I haven't exactly been "tagged" to pass it along, unless you count Lauren since technically she did at the end of her post, but I wanted in on the fun so here we go! The contents of my purse.

The organizational tools:
planner- I love seeing all the things on my to-do list scribbled out once they're done.
iPod touch- music is always necessary... I recently purchased the new Taylor Swift and Joshua Radin albums
phone- I still haven't upgraded to anything fancy but this will do for now. Looking forward to that iPhone so I can combine the above listed item with my phone!
notepad- for lists, and when I run out of room in my planner :) gifted by the lovely Kelly T.
assortment of pens- You never know when you'll need a Sharpie!

The essentials:
keys- with the only Coach product I'm sure I'll ever own: a key fob Emily no longer wanted... Louie, my employer's mascot, and an assortment of membership cards that I rarely if ever use.
sunglasses- I have really large pupils, and I'm very sensitive to light. Apparently this is not the best situation for my dreams of someday getting Lasik.
wallet- yup, Madebyhank. I keep meaning to make myself a new wallet so I'm not so matchy matchy with my purse, since that's what I carry every day now.
business card case- Clever Betty original!

The meds: looking at all this totally makes me feel like a sickly old woman...thank goodness they're mainly all for one purpose: getting rid of dryness!
powder compact: I really only use this for the mirror; I'm happy to say that my skin is officially too dry now to need powder! (thanks, Accutane :)
H20 + hand and nail cream: so my face being dry is great, but my hands, not so much. This stuff is amazing for dry skin (not greasy, actually sinks in) and it smells good too.
aquaphor: dry lips. And nostrils. Again, thanks Accutane (but not really) Yes, I need two of them. I have one in my desk at work, one in my car, one in the bathroom at home, one next to my bed. This stuff is a miracle.
gum: this "solstice" flavor is not so tasty so I wouldn't recommend it at all. 
eye drops: I actually have quite the assortment of these in my purse but I thought I'd be selective and just share one. What do you know, I also have dry eyes!
hand sanitizer: because I know people are lazy when they clean public places. I somehow always manage to have a cut on my hand though that I didn't know was there until I use the hand sanitizer!
yes, yet another Madebyhank product: this was a free gift Katie sent with one of my purchases. It's too tiny for much, but sometimes I use it for jewelry when I go on trips. Currently it holds Advil, as my purse was just to darn packed to put something bottle shaped in with all of the above.

The stuff I need when I'm going to be late to work to make myself at least look like I'm awake:

concealer: Revlon colorstay
mascara: Maybelline "the Falsies" This stuff is awesome if you have thin lashes like me.
eyelash curler: it even folds up for travel. I'm sure Sonia Kashuk had people like me in mind (those who can't get out of bed on time in the morning) when she designed this.

So... not much room to spare. Thankfully, I have plenty of pockets to organize everything! What's in your purse?


  1. You caught me on a good day:


  2. My doctor just recommended aquaphor for me as I have very dry skin and it is awful in the winter (and unsightly!)

    I should do this for my blog! How fun.


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