On My Christmas List

We've already received a great big gift from my parents for Christmas, and have been enjoying it regularly. Sean and I gifted each other something to go along with my parents' gift, so that's covered! (sorry to be so elusive, but they aren't things that I particularly want to advertise yet. Lets just say that they're awesome!)

Sean and I are going to do stocking stuffers for each other so we still have some gifts to open on Christmas Eve before heading out for family celebrations. I asked Sean for a book light, so when I read in bed I don't have to get up to turn off the light when I'm ready to pass out (there's no room for a side table on my side of the bed,) some socks, anything in gift card form, and something pretty that could either a. be earrings or b. be hung on one of our many (still) empty walls. Can't wait to see what he decides on!

Other things I asked for include:
  • an EyeFi SD card, so maybe I'll start taking more of my own photos to share with you on this blog when they're automatically  uploaded!
    • a jewelry cleaning kit of some sort for my ring, as I'm currently afraid to clean it with anything on my own at this point

    • the Your Shape Fitness Evolved Kinect Game, seen above
    • a gift certificate or Groupon for a massage
    • gift cards to: Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Joann, H and M, or Target.. What can I say? Half the fun for me is the shopping :)

    What I didn't get a chance to add until today was just about any of Paul Ferney's Let Them Eat Cake Prints. I've been head over heels with them since he came out with the series of paintings... and earlier this week I found out that they've made them into prints! I'm still a little disappointed at the price for a 5 x 7 giclee, but if anyone out there is still shopping for me... I think any of them would be absolutely adorable wall art. (and if you by 3 you get 25% off til Friday!)

    What's on your gift list this year?

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