Reality TV, Bridal Style

I didn't always watch as much tv as I do now. But there's this lovely invention called a DVR that has made it possible for me to actually watch the shows that I want to instead of the garbage that's on a majority of the time I get a chance to lounge on the couch.
Don't get me wrong, I still watch my fair share of what can also be described as "garbage," but I refuse to fall in to the Jersey Shore trap, continue to follow Survivor around the world, see the Duggars add any more names that start with J to their family, or listen to Donald Trump say "You're Fired" to one last contestant.

There's a few that I dabble in every now and then, like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Wife Swap, Dancing With the Stars, The Biggest Loser. I actually enjoy the weight loss shows the most, I think.

Except for the bridal shows. Even before I got engaged, I was addicted. I no longer record Say Yes to the Dress because I'm fairly certain I've seen every episode. Then they came out with Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, and I breezed right through those. Finally, there's Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss, which I find to be a bit insulting by title, but I've managed to watch most of those as well.

Other than that, there's Four Weddings... which I watch ever now and then and regret every time, as I rarely like the weddings they choose and really dislike the whole concept of the show. Sometimes they just suck you in though. Don't even get me started on Bridezilla. I know they seek those people out on purpose just to cause drama,and I just can't handle it. What I'm really here to talk about today is the newest of the bridal reality shows: Bridalplasty.

I added it to our DVR when I saw the previews a couple weeks ago, absolutely intrigued by the women who would want to be on such a show. I've seen challenges so far that are rewarded with injectables parties, segments where they pick apart each bride's body and tell them that they need 15+ surgeries to "fix" themselves, with about 20 girls that are all gorgeous, insecure drama queens. It is a TRAIN. WRECK. They're all competing to win an all expense paid wedding in the end, and plastic surgery of their choice on top of that. They reveal themselves to their groom ON THE DAY OF THEIR WEDDING. They're spending FOUR MONTHS away from their fiances, by choice, to do so. The best (well, worst) part is, when a girl gets kicked off the show after a challenge, the host (of course, a former Miss USA winner, Shanna Moakler) "Your wedding will still go on, but it won't be perfect." UH HUH. Plastic makes perfect. Have you people seen Heidi Montag? Or Janice Dickenson? Or Michael Jackson? Pete Burns? Cher? Every last one of them looked better before their surgeries.

One girl admitted that she pawned her engagement ring to make a car payment, and didn't tell her fiance. "A girl's got to get to work, right?" was her justification. Right. You just sold your relationship, your trust, your promise, your fiance's hard earned money and his thoughtful gift to you. Not to mention all of the symbolism and sentiment that lies within that piece of metal and diamond you had no issue with shedding. Take the stinkin' bus. (fortunately, she was the first one kicked off for this reason. At least the other brides on the show can agree with me on one thing.)

Another bride was asked about how it would be to show up at her home four months later looking completely different, and what her fiance would think. She said something along the lines of, "Well it'll be weird at first, but you know it's always going to be when you come home looking like a completely different person. But it'll be worth it." And then I'm pretty sure she's the same bride who added the words "It's a good deed" to the end of her reasoning. Riiiiiiight.

There are interviews with the contestants and their fiances. To my horrifying surprise, most of the fiances say yes, I want you to get plastic surgery. Fix your gut. The bump on your nose. Your flabby arms. One even added, "What about your boobs?"after she listed off the things she wanted to fix and boobs weren't on the list. I see about 20 failed marriages being the result of such a show... And it makes me even more thankful that while I'm not 100% confident in every inch of my body, I'm ok with imperfection. Plus, Sean loves me for me, and would never in a million years think plastic surgery for vanity's sake is a good idea.

So anyway, it's still on the DVR, as it's definitely one of those trainwreck shows that I actually want to know the ending to... like I said, they suck you in. I know that's totally contradictory to the above posted rant- but I know you watch reality shows for the exact same reason. If anything, I'll get a workout at the same time from gasping in horror and laughing til my abs hurt. No lipo needed before my wedding day!

Sorry for the pictureless post... I just can't bring myself to google search any of the above for fear of what images I might find.

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