Oh, Friday

How I love you so.

This particular Friday is especially excellent for the following reasons:

1. We're having a holiday party at work, and I made rice krispy treats... green with red dark chocolate pieces for Christmas, and blue with white York peppermint patty pieces for Hanukkah. Gotta keep it PC in higher education... I must apologize though as I did not have any black dye or candies to go with some of the red and green to represent Kwanzaa. I'm not sure people would really want to eat black rice krispies anyway... maybe it's just me?  Regardless, I tested them, and they're fabulous.

2. Speaking of work, I don't have to come back for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. That's right. Today's my last day for the rest of 2010 and I am excited beyond belief.

3. Sean and I are featured on the Landlocked Bride's engagement Photo Friday! I know you've seen the pics already, but if you haven't been over to Brit's site you should check it out now... she shares a ton of useful wedding planning info, spreads the love for Midwest vendors and even features her own (gorgeous) wedding that recently took place. Thanks a bunch, Brit!

4. I have a super secret awesome surprise for you... so you'll definitely want to tune in on Monday to find out what's up!

Happy Friday, everyone

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