One Last Detail

How could I ever manage to leave out these photos from my vacation update?

Why yes that is Sean on the right, with two other guys and me hiding in the background, getting a pedicure. Sean's first, to be exact. Note the number of ladies hard at work here. We paid just over $12 to get a mani/pedi each. $12!!!!

Gotta look pretty when you're the best man in a wedding. I also hope you noticed the name of the salon on the back of the nail technician's shirts. Dashing Diva. Yup. Three dudes, me, mani/pedi's, at a place called Dashing Diva in Manila, for $12. We got the "basic diva" package. Doesn't get much better than that!

On second thought... it does. To top off all the pampering,  the bride's family uses a massage service that will bring the masseuse to your home for an hour long massage. Or in our case... to our hotel! Let me tell you, a one hour deep tissue massage that only costs $8 and requires zero travel actually feels even better than your average, every day massage. It's just too bad that St. Louis is out of their radius...


  1. Twelve dollars! Dang.

    I love to see a man getting his toes means their feet are clean :)

  2. That is so amazing, I'm very jealous of $12 mani/pedi's and a come to you massage. What a great vacation!



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