Yes I realize that Christmas was almost three weeks ago. I'm still catching up! So we'll make this a quick one. My Christmas was wonderful; full of good food, family, pretty presents, surprises, snow, and happy faces. Wanna see?


Pretty presents.

The E side of the family. I bring poppers that have paper hats and toys inside for everyone, which is a tradition that my family has adopted from years of celebrating with close friends who have them every Christmas.

I'm not sure what was going on in the above photo, but we usually walk away with at least one of Monica and Jesse that's similar to this :)


Best Christmas present everrrrrrr! We're wrapped in paper chain in the above photo, but not just any paper chain... it's handmade by our cousin Monica, and each one has a different date on it. It's a countdown from Christmas day to our wedding day! It currently hangs in our home, and I'm collecting each piece as we take a day down to save for later. She even made the links in our wedding colors, plus some scrapbook paper and newspaper clippings.

Handmade wreaths that Sean and I gave to each couple. They're yarn wrapped like the kind I've seen all over Etsy... but I made 'em myself!

I swear we'll get some good photos of our Christmas at my parents house someday. Ones that don't include the dog but in the foreground:

Or me wearing my mother's clothing because their house is freezing:

I really do like that sweater though; it was hard to leave it back in her closet where I got it from. My mom ended up having shoulder surgery a few days before Christmas so I really don't have any photos she'd be happy with me posting from Christmas day. I do have pics from a mother of the bride dress shopping excursion, however, so stay tuned!

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