Mama Z... and Dresses

Here's some top contenders... None of which are the correct color, but can be ordered in what we're looking for:

We both apologize for the obstructive undershirt, but she couldn't help it. Her surgeon probably would have been angry to find us trying dresses on in the first place, due to this:

For each of the longer ones, we would end up chopping them off at the knee. I think our family is really just built for knee length over floor length (which doesn't stop me from wearing a floor length wedding gown, don't worry.) My mom is also 6' tall so that whole "we're gonna charge you for extra length" issue is part of the deciding factor. No need to hide great legs when you got 'em, right?

I've already made my decision... which dress would you choose for my mom?


  1. The second dress down is not only the cutest (in my opinion) and looks the most comfortable therefore my pick for your mom.

  2. I like the first one or the second one. Both show off some great legs. What a fox!

  3. Thanks for the input, ladies! K, I do remember her saying that dress was comfortable, as well as the last one, as it was jersey material. I don't think any were uncomfortable, however! A, we're going short regardless so the second two would also show some leg once altered :) Decisions, decisions...

  4. Well in that case, I'm going to go with the last one!

  5. Scars are gone (along with the blood & steri-strips--sorry 'bout that), and YES, short will be the choice. But Lauren and I have seen a ton more of potentials that I hope to be able to "legally" --per Ortho Surgeon -- try on, once I've dropped a few #'s. And Ashlee, thanks for the vote of confidence in the leg dept. Any 55yr. old wants to hear something GRAND!


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