The remainder of 2010

In order to get this show on the road, I'm going to do one last post of 2010 related photos. This involved New Year's weekend mostly- and Sean's birthday, even though that was on the 2nd :)

We did a progressive dinner for New Year's- appetizers at Crista and Matthew's, dinner and our place and then drinks and dessert at Brett's.

It's strange to me that even though we were at a progressive dinner, I don't have a single photo of anyone eating any food...


We watched the ball drop at Brett's. At this point there were only seven of us left that had made it through the entire progressive dinner; the fun part is that you can pick and choose which legs you want to participate in and still get to other events if necessary.  After midnight, two more dropped out...and then there were five.

I took a photo of a photo. This was the same five of us in a wedding photobooth back in October. I never got a print, but Brett did, so I took a picture of it.

There was a lot more dancing as the night went on.

And this. Don't worry, they're married :) Probably one of my favorite photos of the night.

I guess I just couldn't get enough photos of that photobooth pic...

The table at the end of the night

About what all the pics looked like at the end of the night... or morning? I don't know. All I know is that it's crazy how much time flies by when you're having a dance party with 5 close friends. I'm talking close to four hours of straight dancing. We finally got home closer to 5am, after having worked off every last bit of that delicious progressive dinner. All in all, we sent 2010 out with a bang- and then spent the remainder of the weekend watching movies and eating loooooots of carbs to celebrate Sean's birthday:

Potato soup, oyster crackers, bread, beer, soda... not pictured: cake, Tom's shoes (not edible... but gifted!) Fake apples not to be confused with a healthy addition to the meal.

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  1. what a fun night! And I love your comment about the fake apples. hilarious


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