30 for 30

I've been chatting with a few friends lately about how we enjoy the "30 for 30" posts we see at some of our favorite blogs. Though it's kind of an awkward time of year in Missouri to take on such a challenge, we're totally up for it!

The rules:
> 30 items of clothing
> 30 different outfits
> 30 different days
> no new purchases
> items of clothing do not include coats, undies, jewelry, handbags, belts, other accessories or shoes (we're doing this because the seasons this time of year in Missouri are totally unpredictable; many 30 for 30 bloggers do count shoes and I probably will if I try this again in the summer!)
>Pants, shirts, skirts, dresses, blazers, blouses, tanks and leggings DO count
>Post outfits on our blogs to share. I plan on doing a weekly post, so check back around this time each week!

The point:
>Working with what we've got; this is especially handy right now as I'm trying to save for a lot instead of spending on clothing!
>Being aware of what we have versus what we need; the fun of figuring out outfits we never knew existed in our own closets
>A much needed self-esteem boost. This time of year I get so tired of being cold I tend to give up on how I look. Taking photos of my outfits everyday to share with you means I'll put in the effort to look good!
>Something new that I've not really shared with you before... fashion!
>One last hurrah as this lady leaves St. Louis for her new job... we're oh so conveniently starting this challenge 30 days from her last day of work.

The picks:

One vest (Target), one blazer (Forever 21)

Three blouses (Old Navy-white, Target-gold, H & M-champagne)

Six cardigans (clockwise from top left: Old Navy, Gap, Target, Target, Target, Old Navy)

Two dresses (left to right: Jessica Howard, Jones New York)

Five pants (left to right, Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Gap, Gap)

Three skirts (left to right: handmade, Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted)

Three tanks (left to right: Target, Target, TJ Maxx)

Three long-sleeve tees (H & M, Target, Target)

Not pictured: Black leggings, tan textured leggings, and floral leggings. Leggings just look weird when they aren't on a body, so I spared you the photo.

Things I've already learned:
>It's no surprise to me that much of my wardrobe comes from Target but wow, can they get a frequent shopper card?
>I wear/buy a lot of neutrals. They're safe. I seem to like myself in purple and blue shades as well. We'll just have to see how accessories can spice everything up!
>I have a lot more clothing than I thought I did, and lots of it I rarely wear. I clean out my closet (5-6 items) about every 5-6 months, but I have a feeling this will give me a good reason to want to do that more often. Or the opposite. We'll find out.

Want to participate? I'd love to share your challenge with my readers as well! Send me your blog info and I'll add it to my 30 for 30 page.


  1. Exciting...can't wait to see your outfits! I follow Kendi too. :)

  2. your blog is so cute! totally caught my attention by the title of the blog!!


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