Featured Artists: Gerren and Morgana

Earlier this week I was trolling the internet for goodies to pin, and I came across Gerren Lamson's website. I mean with an image like this, how could I resist asking him for an interview?

Gerren's Venn by Pen series is what sucked me in, but once I chatted with him a bit, I was thrilled to find out that his wife Morgana is also an artist! You know I melt over anything related to couples, and this just happens to be turning into Valentine's week on the ol' blog, so I may have squealed a little when I heard back from them. Check it out!

What inspires your work? What kind of background do you have (education, self-taught, etc.)?
I'd have to say that all kinds of design work, illustration, interiors, crafted goods, and more inspire us. Anything that communicates a colorful aesthetic mixed with a human touch always strikes a chord with both of us. I've got a B.F.A. in design, and Morgana is a self-taught illustrator, crafter, and pattern designer. We've both taken print-making and mixed media classes in the past, and draw together on a weekly/daily basis.

Do you have any advice for artists who are just getting started?
I would say it's important to find the specific types of design and fine art that really inspire you, and invest a good amount of time honing your craft and style (i.e. ability to execute fine details in a beautiful and unique way). Explore different ways in which you can create meaningful work that communicates something about the human experience, goodness of life, unconditional love, and other universal themes.

What is the best part of what you do/make?
I'd have to say it's the process in which the things are designed/made. There's therapeutic value in taking your time crafting, drawing, or designing something, and that's really enjoyable. It really helps us make sense of our personal life experiences. The other great part is to see people enjoying the work, creating dialogue around it, and wanting to have a piece of it for themselves.

Is this your full time job?
My design job is full-time. I work as an Senior Designer at Springbox. Morgana and I both spend part of time in the evenings and weekends creating illustration work, patterns, crafts, prints, and more. *Ed. Note, we're kind of in the presence of a design expert, friends. You may have seen some of his work here, ... among many other places.

Do you work out of your home, or do you have a separate studio?
We produce art at home, usually on our kitchen table and in our office. The other day I was tea dying paper and the kitchen table was overflowing with bowls of tea and paper, it made the house smell of mint and chai. So right now the designated studio space is often the entire house.

What challenges and triumphs do you face as a couple with your art, shop/studio and full-time jobs?
I don't really think we've experienced many challenges yet with producing our art because we both have full-time jobs, but I'd say that finding enough time to get work out the door (i.e. photographed and put up online) is an issue sometimes. There's a freedom to producing art for fun and not as a fiscal living that we enjoy.

I love finding great designers/artists who create outside of their day jobs for the fun of it.... especially those who are couples! Nothin' screams cute like a duo who can craft together.

You can find out more about Gerren on his blog, on tumblr, or at his website. Morgana will keep you updated via Fellow Creatives.

And as a special treat, don't forget to visit their joint Etsy shop, Satchel and Sage, where you can buy the above Forever Valentine print. Seriously, check it out... the price is unbeatable and they're flying off the shelves. They've got it in red as well! Mine's already on it's way in the mail :)

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  1. Such a cute couple!! I love their designs.

  2. Great interview! I love their huge variety of designs, textures, colors, and projects. Great aesthetics. They are not producers of one type of craft, but of many. Awesome!


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