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It must be because I've been reading on so many of my favorite blogs lately about babies. Or the fact that I know a handful of friends who have had babies in the past few months. Or maybe it's the excitement of the arrival of a baby in my own family. I've got babies on my mind. And by that I mean baby gifts, friends. (For other people's babies, just to be certain that we're clear here.) I love making/buying/finding gifts for babies, and toddlers, and children in general. There's so much to choose from, so much they need, and I love giving gifts. So as I was perusing for gift ideas earlier this week I came across Hop Skip Jump, and instantly fell in love.

I'm not just talking about falling in love with the logo (though being a designer, I kind of squealed a bit at its cuteness too!) I fell in love with the cuteness of the original designs and DIY patterns of Fiona, Hop Skip Jump's owner. Fiona is from Adelaide, Australia, has a husband (Matt) and two children (Audrey and Henry) and works as a part time graphic designer and a part time soft toy maker. Get ready to drop your jaw:

What child wouldn't need a Gerald Giraffe soft toy? I'm in love with his tie. Such a professional guy, that Gerald.

And then there's Rufus Dog. You can tell this guy's got style- a scarf around the neck and patterned ears? I particularly like his asymmetrical eyes.

The great thing about Fiona's printable patterns is that you can customize them to your liking. Download Jack Rabbit's pattern and you can decide whether you want a boy or girl- there's overalls, a vest, and a skirt pattern included!

And really, would the collection be complete without a doll named Poppy? I truly think that every kid should have some sort of softie like the ones from Hop Skip Jump. This is the kind of gift that somehow finds it's way into the box marked "college" instead of "attic" if you know what I mean.

Please, do me (and all the little guys in your life) a favor and head over to Hop Skip Jump's shop to check out the oh-so-affordable printable soft toy patterns. You can also find Fiona at her blog, and on Flickr.

Which pattern is your fave?

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  1. These are so cute! I've always wanted to be able to make adorable stuffed animals for my friends' children. And maybe the giraffe for myself.


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