This week I learned...

1. Whatever house we end up in next will have a 2 car garage. 45 minutes to an hour of scraping ice and snow off of each of our cars will never be fun.

2. Playing with our new X Box 360 Kinect after having a few drinks with friends is fun, but rough on the stomach. Especially watch out for the hurdles if you're going to attempt this one.

3. After cleaning out the wedding blogs from my Google Reader, I'm tempted to keep on cleanin'... It feels good to simplify my cyber world.

4. I'm pretty sure I would be friends in real life with my dermatologist, but since she's my dermatologist, that'd be weird. Ya know?

5. I'm ridiculously productive during snow days. It's like getting an extra weekend but not feeling as much of an urge to relax like I usually do on Saturday and Sunday.

What did you learn this week? Happy Friday, everyone!

Images via Houzz, Fuschia, Catch My Waves

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