This Week I Learned...

1. Nothing will ever top bread pudding on a night out with my fave guy on Valentine's Day to our restaurant.

2. It's a good thing when your boss is in love. And when the weather's nice. She just might send you home a few hours early to enjoy your own significant other on a sunny day.

3. I'm officially "skinny fat" according to the body fat analysis I got last weekend. But no worries! I'm a healthy weight for my age and height, I just have to convert some of the fat to muscle. All that means is a little extra strength training, and this gift I got for Valentine's day will be extremely helpful in that area. And maybe a bit less of that bread pudding, sigh.

4. It's extremely hard to find the exact fabric I want in the exact colors I want in the fabric stores in St. Louis. Thank goodness for the internet!

5. I love checking things off my to do list. This isn't really something I learned this week... but I have had a few days where I've felt very accomplished because of this, so it is necessary to include.

6. The first warm days of the year always make me think of home. And country music. Probably because the end of the school year and summer were my favorite months when I lived in the 'burg, and country music just fits the weather.

Happy Friday, everyone! 

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