Featured Artist: Moxidoll

Today's featured artist is one of those whose shop I start to peruse and I Just. Can't. Decide. It's like she knows my taste and made every last product specifically for me. Mandy, of Moxiedoll, had a very successful career as a librarian in the Chicago area, but recently took on her embroidery craft business full-time. If that's not inspiring enough as it is, check out how lovely her work is:

Yeah that's a Lost reference. Which obviously makes Mandy my new favorite person.

Man I miss viewfinders. I seem to remember a restaurant from my childhood that had their dessert menu displayed through one of these things too... anyone remember that place? Update: It's Zio's in KC. Thanks, Dad!

I want need this little set for my kitchen. When I have a kitchen with the wall space to hang it.

Sean and I like to ride bikes. Why not show that off in our home decor?

I don't know what it is about owls exactly. But they're pretty awesome in my book. I love the retro feel this one has with the darker fabric.

Dirty Dancing, anyone?

I like type!

Mandy has and entire shop full of embroidered goodies over at Moxiedoll, so go check out her shop too see more. You can also find her on twitter, or facebook, and if you join her facebook page you can get free shipping by mentioning the offer at check out. She runs a vintage shop too, which I'm going to this very moment.


  1. Zio's in Independence, MO--- 39th St near Independence Mall.

  2. That Lost bunny might be my new favorite thing--I'm thinking it would make a great Christmas present for my sister next year who is as equally obsessed as me!

  3. 1. I have totally already ordered the rabbit. Love it more than I can say.
    2. I used to work at Zio's in high school. small world :)


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