Weekly Obsession: Skirts

It's 66 degrees in St. Louis right now. SIXTY SIX. Last week everything was still covered in snow. I still wore a jacket this morning, and ended up close to sweating on my walk in to work. That, plus the fact that I can't buy any clothing or accessories for the next 22 days or so is really making me envious of these skirts:

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  1. That green and white striped skirt... Oh be still my heart! Yup - I've been rocking the flip flops since Sunday... Even if it snows again I don't think I can go back to boots. Spring fever!

  2. I am so in love with skirts. I feel like I can do more with them than a dress and they are versatile enough as I lose some lbs that I can wear them without being frumpy for a while.

    & of course I'm on a self imposed 'no shopping' period right now, so I want all of these skirts!

  3. I'll have plenty of skirts for you when your fast is over ; >


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