30 for 30: Days 1-6

Day 1: Cords- American Eagle, Tee- H&M, Blazer- Forever 21, with plaid flats-Target and gold/pink necklace-gift from mom
Day 2: Dress-Dillard's, Tights-Target, with boots-Macy's, belt-thrifted, and earrings-gift (World Market)

Day 3: Jeans-Gap, Tank-Target, Cardi-Old Navy, with boots-Old Navy and necklace-Forever 21

Day 4: Jeans-Banana Republic, Tee-Target, Tank-Target, with boots-Old Navy, Scarf-gift from mom and silver earrings- Forever 21

Day 5: Jeans-Banana Republic, Tank-TJ Maxx, Cardi-Target with plaid flats-Target, red beaded necklace-JC Penney

Day 6: Blue dress-Dillard's with gold bird necklace- Forever 21, Grey heels- Off Broadway Shoes, and Tote-Paperchase, gift from mom

What I've learned: 

1. I'm really itching to buy more accessories. Not really shoes, though I always want to buy those, but jewelry and bags. I have my fair share, but I tend to go back to my favorites because they work so well with everything. 

2. This is easier than I thought... so far. I probably could have done the shoes if I hadn't included tights and tanks. I've used four in the first six days, and these are the shoes that I tend to wear the most, so we'll see how the remaining 24 days go! 

3. I need more pattern in my life. I don't know whether I've mentioned this on my blog before but... I once won a contest to do a $500 shopping spree with Clinton Kelly at a local Macy's store. He taught me to make an outfit, you should always include color, texture, pattern and shine. There is indeed a bit of all four of those in each of my outfits- but I'd like to make pattern more obvious.

4. I remembered to start including my purse on day 6. I'll be better at this from now on.


  1. I'm pretty sure I have those Gap jeans. = )

  2. the purse is KEY! hehe cute outfits girly! hope you had a good v-day!


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