Today's the Day...

Yeah yeah, bet you thought I was going to say something about Valentine's Day. Well, Sean did manage to surprise me this morning even though he had to improvise because I told him I was going to go swim this morning and then I decided to sleep in instead. He's getting really good at that improvising thing- I was definitely still surprised, and he gave me a wonderful gift with some pretty pink tulips. He gets to wait til dinner tonight for my gift to him :) Anyway, what this post is really about is wedding dresses.

Anthropologie wedding dresses to be exact.

Their newest line, called Bhldn (pronounced Beholden. In my opinion, they should just include the vowels so no one has to explain it when they're writing about it but...) includes wedding gowns, hair accessories, lingerie, boleros, shoes, dresses, and accessories.

I'm breathing a total sigh of relief right now, as I debated waiting until this day to purchase a wedding gown. So far the only dress that could match up to the one I did purchase back in September (which I should be getting a call about in the next month!) is the very top image. However, it's about twice the price I paid for mine so I don't feel so bad! Plus I was definitely looking for a long gown. Sigh with me now.

Although I wouldn't choose any of these gowns over my own, I can't wait to see the brides that do wear them. And for the 'maids- there's some really unique options as well! Or maybe a rehearsal dinner dress? Hmm... I haven't found one of those just yet...

I will never be able to bring myself to spend so much money on shoes, but they've got an adorable collection. Like these:

Really, stop screaming my name. I'm much to frugal to ever actually purchase you.

Of course they also carry plenty of belts and jewelry and headbands and pretty little purses. And veils. Oh how I love dotted voile...

Clearly I can't fit the entire shop into one blog post, so you should go visit Bhldn to see the rest.

BTW, if you're any website other than Anthropologie and you want to get blogged about more, you should totally follow their lead and A. have the "download image" feature and B. have the "flow player" feature. Everyone wants to know how their wedding gown will twirl.


  1. I'm in love with the entire site. Do you think if I click my heels three times, I'll find myself in a closet full of bhldn gowns and dresses and shoes?

  2. Brandi if you try, make sure to wish that I end up in that closet too!

  3. I think I could wear that adorable little veil around 24-7. Do you think people would stare?! ;)

  4. I love the BHLDN dresses. Kinda makes me want to get married to the next man I see :)

    I love the top dress so much, I would totally wear it to get married at the court house (which is totally my plan when the day comes!)

    x, ash


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