Weekly Obsessions: Winter Wonderland

I'm cooped up in the house again today... two snow days in a row! I thought I'd share some pretty, handmade winter things with you today.

1. pillows 2. needle felted owl 3. knit purse 4. squirrel print
5. birch candle holders 6. pen pal supplies 7. cozy gloves 8. scarflet 9. brownie sandwiches

I can't think of a better way to spend a snow day than with some cozy things like these! How are you staying warm?


  1. Hey there,

    I got here from KT's blog, since you're featured as one of the stylish blogger :)

    Loving your blog and that felted OWL is so KYUTE!

  2. That little owl is absolutely adorable. You should adopt him and give him a proper name.

  3. You mean like Hootie? :) I'm pretty partial to human-ish names for pets and such though. I feel like Adam is what I would choose.

  4. What a lovely collection!

    Thank you very much for featuring our tiny envelopes!


    Mariana and Paula

  5. This is perfect collection!! Thank you very much for including my Knit Handbag in your beautiful blog!:)

  6. What a beautiful list! Thank you so much for including my neck warmer, I'm so flattered!


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