30 for 30: Days 19-24

Day 19: I thought you might enjoy my goofy expression in this photo. Finally got around to adding the tan textured tights, though you can't see the texture in the photo... sorry. Accessorized with thin blue belt, silver dangle earrings and tan ruffle heels.

Day 20: Blue sweater, white tank, grey pants. Accessorized with peach enamel necklace, black purse, plaid flats.

Day 21: Mint green skirt, blazer, grey/lace tank. Accessorized with orange drop necklace and nude heels.

Day 22: Black pencil skirt and 3/4 sleeve cardi. Accessorized with floral and gold belt, black purse, gold bracelet and nude heels. I always get lots of compliments when I wear this skirt... which makes me want to wear it more!

Day 23: Gold blouse, grey cardi, white pinstripe pants. Accessorized with Nine West bag, black flats, pearl earrings.

Day 24: Champagne blouse, Banana jeans, cream lace tank. Accessorized with Nine West bag, grey heels, thrifted belt and pearl earrings.

• I'm ready to wear my other clothes.
• I need to hem the dress mentioned in this post if I want to wear it again during this challenge.
• I've worn almost everything at least twice, except for my floral leggings (haven't worn them at all) the other two leggings/tights (once each) and the blue dress white skirt (once each)
• I don't know what I'd do without my Banana jeans. I've worn them a total of 6 times so far, the most out of any piece in this challenge. The Gap jeans are a close second. Weekends = jeans for me!
• Only one more week...

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  1. Check you out! You are looking fabulous. Wish I could get myself as pulled together.

    Wanted to say thank you for offering your making friends advice. I'm definitely going to look into MeetUp. I need it!


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