This week I learned...

1. I'm really bad at picking Oscar winners, which was very apparent when I completely lost the competition at the Young's Oscar party last Sunday. I am, however, good at judging the fashion... in my opinion :) And eating the delicious spread that was provided! (Below is only 1/3 of the food options!)

2. Sean and I are having the best time ever planning our wedding... evidence here, and in my cake-filled belly.

3. I've started working on number 3 from this post, and its' really surprising to me how much I must have been consuming. They say 3500 calories = 1lb. Let's just say it's eye opening when you multiply 3500 a few times.

4. The above photographed animals may look darling. However, there is a reason that I haven't worn the blue dress below more than once during this 30 for 30 challenge. Someone thought it would be cute to tear a giant hole in the hem while it was hanging to dry in our laundry room after being washed... and it's clear that from the direction the fabric is pulled, that "someone" came from the ground. I like to imagine them playing Tarzan together and it makes me laugh a bit... but only because I think the dress is long enough for me to re-hem and it still be somewhat tasteful.

5. I think I'm getting too old to enjoy things like Mardi Gras. Crowds of drunk people pushing and shoving to catch beads while spilling their drink all over you? No Thanks. Sorry Soulard!

6. It's surprisingly hard to get artists to agree to a free feature that requires little to no effort on their part. Or at least for them to be nice about the offer. Thankfully I have found a handful that are more than grateful, and are extremely kind people on top of being amazing artists. If you're interested in being one of my weekly featured artists, drop me a note at

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Uh oh, naughty kitties! Good thing our challenge is almost over :)

    I've learned that Fridays tend to drag when you have a fun night planned!


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