Shameless Self-Promotion

And mostly, promotion of how awesome my fiance is. We've been spending the past few months working on a save the date for our wedding... (which really involved a lot of work for Sean and his camera) and we finally sent it out this past weekend. I'm aware that many of you will not be attending our wedding, however, I can't help but share our hard work with all of you. Check it:

Save the Date! from Sean and Lauren on Vimeo.

Just FYI, we did decide to keep the wedding details on our website private, so you won't be able to access unless you're one of our wedding guests. I'm just so proud of the final product that I had to share with all of my lovely blog readers!  I love that we managed to work so well together to make a perfect mesh of our interests in handmade, photography and of course, each other :) Wedding planning is fun! Only about 7 months to go...


  1. Lauren, your Save the Date video is fantastic! Sean did such an awesome job.

  2. I really love ur save the date video...mind sharing what application u used to make it? Thanks :-) congrats!

    1. Hi Ems,
      Thanks! We shot over 400 photos with our Nikon DSLR camera, and then imported them to iMovie for Mac. We just did a lot of trial and error for the timing between photos (and stretching out the length that certain photos displayed) to make it perfect! Someday I'll do a tutorial when I get back to blogging :)


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