A Lengthy Recap

So I bet you're wondering what the heck I was doing aside from hosting a virtual bridal shower over the past week or so, huh? Well... I hope you have a minute, because this will likely be a long post. I have been really horrible at taking photos at most of these events as well... so bear with me, read, and imagine the events, won't you?

First, last weekend involved a lot of food. Saturday night Sean and I went to our friends John and Heather's for an evening of deep frying. That's right. Deep frying. I think it involved some kind of dare at work that would be placed in the company newsletter. Which lead to suggestions of things to deep fry from coworkers who would not be participating. Most of their suggestions got tossed, but I will say that there was a little plastic tub labeled "pig brains" that I could not bring myself to look at... let alone eat.

Other deep fried foods included avocados, cream cheese and jalapenos in egg roll wrappers, mashed potatoes, strawberries in Coke flavored batter, and Spam. Apparently the Spam was actually pretty good according to the guys. My faves? Garden Vegetable cream cheese in an egg roll wrapper, and strawberries with Coke batter. That's about all I could handle.

Moving on, last Sunday we had a chili cookoff competition hosted by cousins Jesse and Monica. There were five chili entries total (including one from me and one from Sean... we don't mess around when it comes to chili!) and five categories. Amazingly, each chili managed to win a prize. Sean walked away with the Golden Ladle... the ultimate chili cookoff prize. It now resides in our kitchen until the next chili cookoff... That's his chili with some tasty cornbread below.

I ended up winning the competition for "Everything but the kitchen sink" meaning there's a lot of ingredients involved. I'm proud of it! Though I'm sure Mama Z would have been proud if I'd won the "Get the Firehose!" category, as I used her chili recipe and she's all about HOT chili!

The following day we had one last cake tasting, which was a bit out of the ordinary as the baker came to our house to do the tasting. We invited a few friends and had a little tasting party... and finally made a decision on who will be doing our wedding cake.

The last week also involved quite a few other wedding details- shopping for clothes for Sean and the groomsmen, finding a florist and booking her because she knew exactly what I wanted before I even opened my mouth to explain, and hunting for a rehearsal dinner venue- Sean's parents are on the ball with helping us find a great place!

And the list goes on... we've been doing a ton of Spring cleaning, and my studio is finnnnnnally in good shape so that I can work on a giant custom order for a wedding this week. More pics to follow on that one!

Friday, a bunch of us girls took our friend Crista to see Stomp at the Fox Theater for her birthday.

Both Sean and I have had colds for the past week, which made it really convenient to run a 5k on Saturday in 35 degree weather... but we made it! And with some of our best times ever.

Saturday afternoon involved bridesmaid dress shopping for Crista's wedding. It was a really fun way to spend a snowy Saturday indoors. Snow. On March 26. Unbelievable... and it sounds like there's more to come this week!

Saturday night we attended a birthday celebration for Crista that was hosted by her fiance. (It's her 30th- she's allowed to have multiple celebrations!) Qdoba for dinner (one of Crista's faves, aside from Skyline in Ohio) and then to the Jive and Wail for some piano bar entertainment.

Yesterday we met up with the couple whose wedding we attended in the Philippines, as they were in town to visit family.

Whew! I'm looking forward to having a few evenings that involve pajamas and the couch, to say the least :) What have you been up to?

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  1. What a busy bee! All sounds very fun though :) I could use a few days on the couch myself!

    J's mom and her fiance were in town this weekend for a bowling tournament which was fun but busy!


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