I Might Be Obsessed.

I might have stayed up past midnight last night to make sure I could download Two Kisses for Maddy as soon as it was possibly available today, April 14th. I pre-ordered it through the Nook app for my iPod touch ages ago.

I might have stayed up past one a.m. speeding through the first few chapters, completely wired by the fact that the book is finally here.

I might have gotten up this morning and headed straight to the couch to read some more, giving myself less than 30 minutes to get ready for work this morning.

I might be sneaking a page or two throughout the day to take breaks from work, and I might be finding a cozy spot under a tree somewhere on campus to take my lunch this afternoon... with my iPod.

I might already be halfway through the book, so some might say I'm a bit obsessed. But I'll go ahead and say you should probably get to reading it as well.


  1. Oh my does this look like a great book! Will have go go order from IndieBound soon!

  2. If there's something wonderful to be obsessed with, it's a good book. I spent last night finishing one that I couldn't wait to get through. I'm now playing catch up this morning. Hope you have a great weekend reading, Lauren!


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