Little Red

Whataweek. Or two. Or three.

End of semester events are wrapping up in my office at work, decisions for wedding stuff continue to be made, spring cleaning is DONE, lots of other stuff has being going on here and there with friends and family and upcoming holidays and birthdays (Happy birthday to my mom today!) I'm ready for a nap.

But first, I'd love to share a little something with you. Not completely off topic... Sean and I visited our wedding venue a few weekends ago, and this is one of many reasons I love the place so very much:

Yep. That's a (creepy?) framed photo of a cat wearing a red hood. I'm pretty sure there's some kind of desert in the background as well. Uhhhh.. ok? I'll save the location of said photo for my wedding guests to find on October 15... I'm sure it'll be a nice surprise.

Really, I do love everything about our wedding venue. This totally random photo is exactly that- totally random... and totally not reflective of any other detail or decor for the rest of the venue. Any guesses as to where guests will find the above gem?

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  1. How strange! I've no clue where that is, but your guests should enjoy this strange photo.


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