Only In Dreams

My fiance falls asleep on the couch on just about a nightly basis. I hear it's hereditary based on reports from his mom, as well as my soon to be sister in law, who has mentioned the same thing about Sean's brother. Sometimes I envy the fact that they can get so comfortable in just about any place that they can fall asleep.

I spent a ton of time sewing this past weekend, and when I came upstairs around 1am Sunday morning, there he was, curled up on the couch sleeping along to one of his favorite tv shows as usual. And as usual, I bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek, said goodnight, and headed to my favorite place to sleep: the bed. Only this time I was three steps away from the couch and Sean started to say something.

"Just so you know, Greta's flipping you off right now." 

to which I responded, "Excuse me? Say that again?"

"Just so you know, Greta's flipping you off right now." Eyes still closed. Rolls over. Says, "Nevermind. That didn't make any sense." Instantly falls back asleep.

Tell me, friends, does this look like the face of a monster that would flip off the hand that feeds her, rubs her belly, and protects her from the doom that is known as the vacuum?

I didn't think so. Oh, the things one dreams up while they're sleeping...


  1. Haha! Woods is terrified of the vacuum as well!

    J has been known to talk in his sleep and raise his hand while sleeping as if to answer a question in class--I guess he is a law school gunner in his sleep?! :)

  2. Hahaha. This post cracks me up. My husband says some weird stuff when he is crashed out on the couch as well. P.S I love your little handbags! So sweet!!


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