Long Time No See

Hi Friends! How've you been? For the past few weeks my schedule has been jam packed, and mostly with fun stuff.

Last weekend we attended Anna's rehearsal dinner and wedding. They held the rehearsal dinner at their house and served Pappy's barbecue. If you're not familiar with Pappy's, you should probably make your way to St. Louis sometime soon. (Beware the music if you click on the Pappy's link)

Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. It rained the day of so it had to be moved inside, but if it bothered the bride and groom you certainly couldn't tell. They were both beaming the entire night. This is my favorite photo of the day... taken by Sean:

Seriously I can't even crop the darn thing without tearing up. Anna was beautiful, her dad looked so happy... the flowers (arranged by Emily, in yellow in the above photo) were so perfect.

 Anna's niece was a flower girl and she was adorable with a capital A. Everyone awww-ed when she walked down the aisle and she knew she was workin' the crowd with that pretty little smile.

Everyone signed their guestbook with a thumbprint during the cocktail hour. Then we ate, danced, drank, and had an amazing time.

The photo below is near the end of the night. Sean and I had a little fun with reflections on the outdoor patio (where the ceremony was going to be held... it stopped raining eventually) Check it out... I'm floating over I-70. In hindsight we should have taken the pictures in the windows that were facing east instead of north so we could get the St. Louis Arch in there... but still cool nonetheless.

Such a fun weekend. Anna and Andrew left for their honeymoon soon after and should be back in the next few days. I can't wait to share photos and reminisce, and hear all about their travels!

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