Happy Birthday To Me

Last Sunday was my 25th birthday. We celebrated by heading to Maifest in Hermann, MO, which I've talked about before in reference to Oktoberfest, but have somehow never actually posted a recap about it. I'm sure you can imagine why... Anyway, it's been a tradition to go to Oktoberfest and Maifest since I've been of legal age to do so. That really hasn't been that long in the grand scheme of things, but I can definitely say that Hermann is one of my favorite places to visit.

 Near Hermanhoff winery on our way to Tin Mill Brewery

Grape vines at Stone Hill

This is what Sean would look like if he actually drank that giant glass of wine and wore liederhosen

First of all, I must say that I can't believe the amount of time we were there. Hermann is a little over an hour away from where we live in St. Louis. We left at 10:30 am. We got back right around 11:30 PM. 11:30 PM! Second, I have to thank all of the people who were there, and especially those who stuck it out for the entire day to celebrate. It was such a fun time, and though I tend to not like being the center of attention, everyone made me feel quite loved on my 25th.

Most of the gang that came... somebody was looking ready to go home (that's our best man, Brett)

Me, Emily and Crista (maid of honor and bridesmaid) at Tin Mill Brewery

We went to a few wineries, ate a ton of cheese, crackers and cookies, hit up one brewery, had our fill of bratwurst and German potato salad, as if that wasn't enough, headed to the bier deck in Washington, MO on our way back for a little more celebrating and a ton of appetizers. (Sean's cousin's own John G's!)

Crista and I both decided to wear yellow dresses for the day. I have no idea what's going on in this photo but I thought it was funny.

I finally got a photo of Mary's baby bump! Me with my (soon to be) sister in law and cousin in law Monica.

What a perfect way to celebrate a quarter of a century :)

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