Nora Dawn

I'm posting today to show off the newest member of my family! Nora was born Monday, February 11, 2013 to Monica and Jesse, cousins of ours on Sean's side of the family. We've decided as a group that it's most appropriate for us to go by Aunt Lauren and Uncle Sean, so that makes Nora my very first niece! Isn't she a doll?

We went to visit Monica, Jesse and Nora at the hospital on Tuesday night. I, of course, managed to make her cry for a few seconds while I was holding her... as I seem to be good at doing with tiny babies:

But she got over it pretty quickly. In fact she was pretty content with sleeping the majority of the time we were there, as any baby that's less than a day old should be!

It's quite obvious that this little baby has a lot of people that love her. Her Mom and Dad were glowing with pride when we visited, and I'm sure that's a glow that won't wear off any time soon.

Monica and Jesse, we couldn't be happier for you and little Nora!

I write today with love and joy for the new little person in our lives, as there is a lot to be thankful for. Today is also a day of remembrance of Nora's big brothers, Anthony and Wesley, born one year ago today. Monica and Jesse's twins are always in our hearts, and especially so as their memory has given them the strength to bring another beautiful life into this world. I know I can't even begin to describe the emotions that our cousins have experienced over the past year, but it brings me comfort to know that Anthony and Wesley are now watching over Nora, Monica, and Jesse. We will never forget them.

Hospital photos: Sean and me, Family/maternity photo: Krista B. Photography

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