Status Update 2.15.13

This is quite possibly the best dessert recipe ever because it's A. yummy B. healthy and C. fast. Enjoy! #Iaddextracoconut

Taking and editing photos can definitely be a good distraction from waiting for babies to be born... until you realize you aren't that great at taking photos and need to retake photo 101. #Seantotherescue

I am officially banning my cats from my office at night. They like to sleep on my sewing and desk chairs and are not at all shy about sharing their hair with me- #theycallmefuzzbutt

Not going to lie... really excited to have a baby girl in the family if only to have an excuse to make girly stuff! That and I'm so very happy for the new parents #Ihaveaniece

My dermatologist has reconfirmed to me this week that she is one of my favorite people in this world. I haven't seen her in two years, but she always has an immediate solution to my issue, gives lots of free samples, and loves to chat. Plus she wears Toms, skinnies, and cute/geek glasses. #ifshewasntmydoctorwemightbefriends

Everybody loves a good sun puddle. I think seasonal affectiveness disorder might run in our family #soakinginsomevitaminD

Yes, I am aware that I talk about my pets a lot. You would too if you spent every minute of every day with them. #thesearemykiddos

Psst... there's a sale going on in the shop on fabric yards, calendars, and fat quarter stacks.... and I'm extending it through Sunday, so check it out!

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