High Five For Friday

1. Last weekend Sean and I ran in the Undy 5000, the annual 5k to raise funds for colon cancer awareness. I had my best time this year by about 4 minutes at 30:24! After not training at all last year and feeling pretty icky after the race, I trained pretty hard this year, which paid off. Now if I could just break that 30 minute mark... that's the competitor in me speaking.

2. We got to have brunch with Sean's parents, Mary and Elliot last weekend. This little guy was in a very peppy mood, getting to wear Grandpa's hat and everything.

3. Our friend Chris turned 30 last weekend. Someone bought him the girly "flirty & 30" cup you see in the photo as a gift. We haven't seen Kelly and Chris since they got married in November! We had a great time- Kelly even hired one of our former classmates from Mizzou to play live music.

4. This actually wasn't one of my highs for the week... until it melted. Then it became a high. No more snow this Spring please, k?

5. This is happening in my backyard today. Sean and his friend John are putting in the raised beds for our garden! I can't wait to be able to walk out back to grab some fresh veggies this summer.

High five, friends! What are the highlights from your week?

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