High Five for Friday 4.5.13

Hello! Happy Friday again. Here's my high five:

1. We went to a fish fry with our friends and their son, Henry. He is such a content baby, and always fun to play with.

2. Last weekend we celebrated my college roommate at her bachelorette party. She's getting married 4.13! We had a great time... and even better, I was home by 9:30pm. Short, sweet and to the point.

3. This guy was in a cuddly mood all week. He also managed to get a ton of hair on that chair... it's a daily battle, but the kitty love makes it manageable.

4. I'm back to better eating habits this week, after a need for comfort food when Lily died, and a very indulgent Easter. I've yet to mention I've lost 13 lbs in the past 9 weeks so I'll get to that post soon... but I will say now that I'm thrilled I somehow managed to maintain that loss during some not-as-great weeks with meals!

5. I became a Roost Tribe member last month, and I can't imagine having better timing! Bonnie recently added a ton of new features to it, including a Facebook group. One day in I'm already finding out just how awesome it is to have such a community at my fingertips.

Bonus: I took a week off blogging, as you may have noticed. It was refreshing! I spend the extra time working on the most specific and realistic plan I've come up with yet for getting more products in the shop... and reorganized some things that are already there while I was at it.

High five, friends!
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  1. Happy high five, I started a blog account and look what I find, I am in the top five!


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