Just 'cause you can't beat 'em don't mean you should join 'em

For someone with a pretty varied taste in music, it's no secret I like to indulge in a little pop music here and there. For instance, Taylor Swift was always one that I felt a bit guilty about until she finally joined those of us in our 20's, and I no longer feel like I'm singing along to a high schooler's diary. Except that feeling 22 song... that makes me feel old, as it apparently does for lots of other people too.

One of my most recent guilty pleasures is Kacey Musgraves. Somewhat similar to Taylor but a little deeper, and a little less nostalgic. Still country, a bit more twang, and makes me laugh. My top fave from her album:

To be fair, I did warn you... Country. Twangy. Yup. But you laughed, right? And really... the message is what makes me like it. Follow your arrow wherever it points. Simple. I think I spent a few years of high school listening to some really dumb music, and I'm making up for it at this point in my life. You should check out the rest of her album too.

TV though, well that's a different story. I've always watched some pretty trashy stuff and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Teen Mom, Four Weddings. You name it... I'll probably watch it. I do enjoy many shows that require more thought, like Lost, Six Feet Under, Dexter, etc. But guilty pleasures exist for a reason.

My most recent discovery is Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Never thought I'd like it... now I'm a whole season in and I can't stop watching. You should probably check it out. And don't ruin anything for me if you've watched further than the first few episodes of season 2!

What are your guilty music and TV pleasures? Personally I won't be enjoying tv this weekend... the weather's supposed to be perfect and my college roomie's getting married tomorrow. Can't wait! Happy Friday, friends.


  1. hi & you should check out jana kramer, she sings country & was on One Tree Hill - so 2 birds with 1 stone kinda thing.


    1. Ooo I must have stopped watching One Tree Hill before she came around! I do love a little "Why You Wanna" :) Thanks for the suggestion, I've yet to listen to the rest of her album.


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