A Blog... Conference?!?

I think I've mentioned that I'm pretty blog obsessed before. Like, my Google reader always has a new feed, even if I just went through 30 of them kind of obsessed. I can't help it! Blogging has become such a fabulous way to share design ideas across the board, and all it takes is one fabulous post for me to hit "subscribe" on my Google toolbar. Chances are, if you read my blog... I already read yours religiously, and am grateful to the other blogs you've led me to!

So what do you think I did when I started seeing posts about Altitude Design Summit? Seriously, tons of my favorite bloggers, in one place, in person, with their fancy handmade business cards, their "photography for the web" tutorials and their excellent taste in EVERYTHING design? I. Am. In. Heaven. "Get high on design" is right. If only I could be part of such a conference... eagerly awaiting entries post-Alt Summit!

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