New Season, New Stuff

I caved and got a twitter account... hoping the viral nature (virality? viral-ness? aren't made up words more fun?) of social networking will get the word out that Clever Betty is up and running! Follow me @clever_betty (curse the user who took the name cleverbetty and never uses their account!)

And, you may have noticed the new header and tagline... I found myself trying to be cute as I sent an email to a friend the other day... and had one of those aha! moments. I shall deem you my new blog tagline.

Last but not least, I am more than a few chapters into a new book, that's right I said new folks... I finally finished the last one. I won't even mention the name of it since it obviously wasn't good; it only took me 7 whole months to read it.


  1. I absolutely love the new tagline -- it's perfect.
    As for the book, I have the same problem with books I'm reading for fun. All the other stuff I have to read for school takes over and it takes me months to finish the one book I really want to read.

  2. I can imagine you'd be on book overload with everything you have to read for school. I took a tip from you, Brandi, and started The Happiness Project... at the rate I'm going it'll be done before April!

  3. Thank you for developing a wonderful site filled with devotion.

    JRZ--BCHS class of 68


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