Say What?

Usually I'm the one teasing Sean about being old, since he's 6 years my senior. But on Saturday he brought me a letter and grinned... "Join the club, old lady!"

I just have one question, AARP. If you've got enough info on me to be able to track me down after all the places I've lived in my life, why on earth don't you know that I'm just shy of a quarter-century? Huh? That's another 25 years until I reach your required minimum age.

disclaimer 1: I have no idea what kind of info other people could gather about me from the above fake membership card in the photo, so yes, I did block out names and numbers. Better safe than sorry, friends.

disclaimer 2: I really find it quite amusing that I go this in the mail, not insulting. I remember my dad getting a few here and there when he was still a fair number of years away from 50, and we always got a good laugh out of it because it just seems like you have to be soooooo much older than 50 to join in the first place.  Since when is 50 retirement age? (AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons)

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  1. I used to laugh or get distressed when I received one of these. Now I actually belong and READ the newsletters because they are pertinent. OUCH!!!!! You are definitely too young to be getting these.


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