A Weight off My Shoulders

I have to share something with you guys. This used to be something that I would see on a daily basis (if not more frequently):

Not the fact that I have zero updates in my Reader. It's actually kind of a miracle that I was able to capture this image after having read every last update on all of the blogs I follow. What I'm trying to show you is the crazy amount of wedding blogs that exist here. Note that the list keeps scrolling and I couldn't fit them all into one image.

This is what I see as of today:

Note: no scroll bar, and six organized folders where there were once seven... yup. I got rid of the wedding blogs. Truth is, I started looking at wedding blogs long before I was engaged, and we got engaged over 8 months ago. After that long I've collected enough inspiration to fit into a three ring binder... and that's all I need at this point.

To those of you who might own one of those blogs, never fear, as I've saved you in my bookmarks in case of an emergency! But for now, I've got to move on as I plan my own wedding. So as I cut myself off from wedding inspiration, I'll move into a new phase of wedding planning, which is how do I apply all of this inspiration to make it into our day? I love looking at weddings, and I know I always will. But I don't want to have all of those other brides' weddings. I want to have mine and Sean's. So farewell to you, Google Reader Weddings Folder... perhaps we will meet again after 10.15.11.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I had to stop reading wedding blogs too. I started when I didn't even have a boyfriend -- I was just looking at them for party ideas. And there are so many, enough to fill your entire lifetime. I dumped mine too one day -- doesn't it feel so good?


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