Thrift Store Gem

Have you ever found something so awesome at a thrift store that you just can't contain yourself? Well, I do on a fairly regular basis... but this. This tops them all. Behold: Ashlee and the dress she just can't live without...

I strongly urge you to click on the photo to enjoy a larger version. That is a floor length dress... entirely crochet from top to bottom. This baby was heavy. I can imagine someone dripping in sweat just moments after putting it on. What a find on half off day at the thrift store! Rest assured that Ashlee has a trustworthy sense of fashion, and she did not in fact purchase the afghan gown. I think she said it best when she compared it to this guy:

Take that, Snuggie wearers of the world!

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  1. HUZZAH!!! That is a foxy dress for sure. And also, a lot of yarn.


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