Show Me Etsy

Back in September I joined a local group of Etsy crafters called the Show Me Etsy Street Team. Etsy has since gotten rid of the "street team" part of the name, as many of their groups are no longer local... so we're just plain old Show Me Etsians now. (Show Me standing for crafters in the St. Louis area, which happens to be in the Show-Me state!)

We meet once a month to chat about upcoming craft shows, some of which are hosted by the group itself. We trade ideas on how to improve our shops and let each other know when we've discovered something new about being a small business owner and Etsy seller.

A few months after I joined, I was nominated to be the Public Relations Chair for the group. I ran (uncontested, but they still voted for me!) and I'm now in the process of figuring out what exactly my role is as the PR Chair! Part of this includes updating the blog, and as you can see from the link above, we're still in the process of working all the kinks out.

Also soon after I joined, I found out that the group had been in the process of creating a new logo for quite some time. Their last one was dated, and really much more of a blog header than a logo, so an update was definitely necessary.

They had posted an alchemy request on Etsy and started to work with a designer who just. didn't. get. it. Let's just say the logo looked like a shopping bag (the St. Louis arch doubled as the bag's handle,) stole Etsy's direct shades of blue and orange as a color scheme, and warranted comments such as "the hands in the logo just make me think of an Ikea instruction manual..." So yeah. It was pretty convenient when they brought that logo to the meeting and I said, "Well I'm a graphic designer... and it kinda sucks. I'll take over if you want..."

Right now we're in the process of voting on colors. What do you think?
I definitely have a favorite... but it's up to the group to vote at this point. Which color combo do you prefer?


  1. I like option 2 but I always go for the bluish-green colors.

    I think it's awesome you're part of this group. There's nothing like having good support out there and being able to talk to people who know what you do and understand the struggles you're going through.


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