Now that I'm all caught up with the craziness that was the last month of 2010, it's time to move on! Thankfully, this month has been uneventful aside from catching up, so I've actually been able to catch up, you know? I honestly don't have a whole lot to share from the past three weeks, other than this:

I'm cold.

I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of being some of the above (and more) after such a lengthy time away from my job.

I'm doing well with these goals. I need to get those up on the wall somewhere so I don't have to keep referring to my blog to remember!

I think I'm finally done redecorating our house. For now. At some point I'll just have to stop as we won't be living here a whole lot longer... fingers crossed. Check back next week for photos! (Just FYI, the above image is not a taste of what you will see, unfortunately. But it is something for me to dream about)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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