Snow Day

The last time I had a snow day was during my first two weeks of work at the MEHC magazine back in '08. We had two and a half days off in that span. Not too shabby if you ask me. I had one snow day in all the days I spent at Mizzou. Funnily enough, it seemed like a good majority of students still made it to campus to have a snowball fight on the quad. What's a one mile walk (for me) In 12" snow when you get to play instead of work?

I got a text message from my boss at 4 this morning saying "snow day! don't come to work!" I shouted out a "Yippee!" just as Sean started to tell me of the potential issues the weather would cause his workday. Thankfully he made it there and back safe, and is finishing his workday from home.

Truth is, I'm honestly not really a fan of snow anymore. I dislike being cold. It ruins birthday plans for friends. (important 30th birthdays at that!)

But today. Today I like snow. It provided an extra two hours of sleep this morning. It allowed me to eat lunch with my fiance in the comfort of our own home, while watching an episode of season 3 of Dexter. It's given me tons of time to work on wedding planning details that I'm behind on. It gave me a little sigh of relief, and some time to relax. So thanks, snow, and Chancellor of the university that I work at, for providing me with all of the above. 

Top image via here, other images by me: our backyard and neighbor's snow covered car


  1. The last snow day I had was junior year of college and it happened to be J's 21st birthday. We all piled in a friend's SUV and drove to the closest bar, weather be damned.

    We were the only ones there and looking back that was probably a little foolish, but what are you going to do?

    Glad you had a relaxing and productive snow day! :)

  2. Because of course you are so stylish and because you are my friend, I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you! Check out my blog tomorrow morning for details :)


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