Please Excuse Me.

While I interrupt the vacation recap to do a little end of year recap/ 2011 goals list before we get so far into January that I look like a total slacker. Very briefly, in 2010 I:

opened the clever betty shop in January.

got the best V Day gift everrrrr in February.

was featured on Etsy's blog, the Storque, in March.

reached my 100th blog post in April, and celebrated with a sale. (FYI, we're one away from 200 posts now!)

turned 24  and got accepted to my first craft show in May.

lived to tell the story after my first craft show, did my first custom order and got engaged! June was a busy month.

received the best engagement gift everrrr in July.

disappeared from my blog for the month of August.

bought my wedding dress in September.

went on a date weekend to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in October.

chose wedding colors, won the cutest cake topper in the world, took engagement photos, and was gifted an amazing engagement party in November. (What a month for wedding plans!)

had my first ever guest posting event, and went on an amazing vacation in December. Which leads us to the present!

Last year I went a little crazy with New Year's Resolutions. In 2011 I will, first and foremost, KISS: keep it simple, stupid. Though I never seem to mind the other kind of kiss :)


1. Be active and healthy.
2. Stay positive.
3. Slow down.
4. Learn.
5. Take more time to create for myself.

That is all. :)
Back to vacation recaps later today...

image via this awesome blog, originally drawn by this awesome guy for the To Resolve Project.


  1. What a fantastic 2010 you had! I'm sure 2011 will bring you even more awesomeness. What are you planning on learning?

  2. Lots of things! How to play my guitar, since I never really got around to that last year...
    More about improving my business, sewing techniques, design... life in general :) I always feel more productive and useful if I'm learning something.


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