Where Am I?

This is a question I've asked myself just about every morning I've woken up for the past three weeks.  Or perhaps, when am I? And just to stop myself from getting into a long tangent of the best tv show ever made, I'll go ahead and tell you.

I've been: halfway around the world, on six different plane rides, experiencing more humidity than I ever thought possible in the month of December, deep in the Burroughs, with sand in my toes, riding in countless numbers of cars, one hour away from home, back to where I grew up, playing dress up, a short train ride, home again finally, on the couch for a bit, continuing to decorate our living room, planning to bounce between three houses in one night, then doing so, staying up until 4am, being unable to move for a day, eating a ton of carbs and watching a bunch of movies, and finally, not being able to sleep on a normal schedule throughout it all. Hopefully the feeling I had when my alarm went off this morning (I have a job? What?) will be a one time thing. So... makes a lot of sense, right? Don't worry... I'll break it down for ya.

Let's start here. I'd like to thank all of the lovely guest bloggers that participated in You Had Me at Holidays... because I wanted all of you to still have something to read while I was busy wondering where/when/who/what I am. I definitely enjoyed reading all of their traditions and recipes, and hope you did too!

Next, I'd like to tell you about a little vacation I took to Manila, Philippines to celebrate the wedding of some very good friends of Sean and mine. (This is where all of that when am I nonsense comes in. They're 14 hours ahead of what I'm used to!)

Then, I'd like to share a bit about my family's Christmas celebrations.

There will be another post of my pretty mom in pretty dresses.

I'll share some shots of the interior of Sean and my home for the first time so you can check out how we've been redecorating since I moved in.

Then we can chat about New Year's celebrations.

Finally, a little birthday shoutout to my favorite guy...

So, that's my to do list. Hold me to it... I've got A LOT of updating to do! Of course I'll also have to intersperse some 2011 goals and wedding details as it's January, and it's 9 months til we get married.

Whew. I need a nap after all that and I haven't even gotten started yet...

First image via here, final two personal.

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  1. Wow, I even feel a bit dizzy now. Can't wait to see what's coming up.
    Happy New Year, my dear!


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