The 100 Pushup Challenge

So it only seems right that after I'm done with one challenge I should start another, right? This time it's not going to involve fashion, or taking photos every day, or stressing over what shoes to wear because it's 70 this morning but it could possibly snow later today.

It's a strength challenge. I'm going to be participating in the 100 push up challenge starting today.

I've always been pretty horrible at push ups, pull ups, cartwheels. Anything involving upper body strength, I'm pretty weak at. Which I think is a bit ironic since I'm a swimmer and so much of my strength in swimming comes from my upper body. Regardless, I can't do more than 10 push ups to save my life.

Six weeks, 30 minutes per week, 100 push ups by the end. Simple. I'll be following the weekly plan that's posted on the website, and will update you on my progress along the way. Won't you join me? What have you got to lose!?


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