30 for 30 finale

As if you haven't seen enough photos of me... here are my 30 outfits all together! On top of all of the things that I learned and listed throughout the process, here's some more:

• Those tan cords are being donated. I've had them since my junior year of high school, and I'm pretty sure Clinton Kelly and Stacy London would be ashamed. (That's about 9 years if you don't feel like doing the math) I also think they make me look much heavier than I am (and I can actually pull them off without unbuttoning them) so I think it's time to cut the cord. Ha. Get it?

• This challenge has given me a new appreciation for having quality "staple" pieces that can be remixed over and over, without looking like I'm wearing the same thing day after day. JCrew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, here I come!

• I'm going to choose to fill my closet with accessories more often than new clothes. This does include shoes. This challenge has shown me that you can make a crazy amount of different outfits just by switching up the accessories.

• I'm going to confess that I kept a spreadsheet to make sure I didn't repeat outfits or wear the same thing too many days in a row. Go ahead and judge me, but I. LOVE. GOOGLE. DOCS. (Aside from being good for keeping track of the 30 for 30 challenge, I pretty much use it as an external hard drive and a way to transport files from my home computer to my work computer, to sharing with Sean... you name it, you can upload it!)

• If you haven't already started laughing at my obsessive compulsiveness, you might also note that it's color coded. It was nice to see my posts divided at the top (6 days at a time.) This also makes it easy for me to tell you the following:

I wore my blue dress and floral leggings a total of ONE time each.

I wore my sweater vest, champagne blouse, long tan cardi, floral cardi, grey pants, white stripe pants, white skirt, black skirt, green skirt, cream lace tank, tan textured leggings, and black leggings a total of TWO times each.

The navy blazer, white blouse, gold blouse, long purple cardi, short purple cardi, short grey cardi, purple dress, khaki cords, white tank, mint long sleeve tee, and burgundy tee were each worn THREE times.

My long blue cardigan, grey tank and white long sleeved tee were each worn FOUR times.

My gap jeans made it into FIVE outfits total.

Clearly my favorite, the banana republic jeans were featured in SEVEN total outfits.

• I'm glad I was able to wear everything at least once, though I know I would have worn that stinkin' blue dress with the floral leggings (giving them each a total of two wears) if I'd had time to repair the giant hole that appeared in it after I washed it. 

• Someday when I have some time on my hands and when it's a solid season instead of a transition like it is now in Missouri, I could probably be convinced to do the 30 for 30 challenge again. Perhaps I'd mix up the rules a bit to make it fit this blog more and make it 30 days of handmade...hmmm...

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