30 for 30: Days 25-30

Let me just preface this post with a few facts: I was really sick of the 30 for 30 challenge this week. It also rained and got cold, I had limited time to take photos, and I wasn't in the best mood to be photographed... I wore my hair up or didn't style it, and I couldn't get out of bed in time to work out, let alone make my hair and makeup look nice. Excuses, excuses... I just want you to know that I'm human and not always as bright and cheery as my posts might seem :) I'm glad it's over!  In lieu of a Sunday Snapshot, here's the last six days of the challenge:

Day 25: Tan cardi, long sleeve white shirt, gap jeans accessorized with turquoise necklace (gift from Sean, purchased on Etsy) LeSportsac purse and black moccasins from Old Navy.

Day 26: long fuschia cardi, gold blouse, banana republic jeans accessorized with black Nine West flats, beaded clutch (NY Chinatown)

Day 27: White handmade skirt, short purple cardi, grey tank and black leggings accessorized with Old Navy boots, madebyhank bag and necklace (gift from mom, used to be my grandma's)

Day 28: Blue cardi, purple dress, floral tights accessorized with tan boots from Macy's, thin blue belt, brown Nine West purse, gold bracelet from Etsy and pearl earrings

Day 29: tan cords, burgundy long sleeve top accessorized with black coat, black Old Navy moccasins, Target scarf, glasses

Day 30: black skirt, mint long sleeve shirt, grey cardi, tan textured tights accessorized with white necklace- gift from MOH Emily, silver bracelet- gift from mom, black purse from H & M, black Nine West flats and pearl earrings

• I'm so glad this is over, as I've missed my closet and am looking forward to wearing a new (to me) skirt and dress that were given to me by my maid of honor Emily last week.

• I'm about to do a major closet cleanout

• I can't wait for consistent Spring/Summer weather after the ups and downs of the past few weeks... 70 one day, 30 the next!

• I'm not going to feel bad about spending money on quality pieces from the stores that I always thought I couldn't shop at due to their prices. I'll be looking for more things that can be remixed and will probably end up spending less (gasp!) at places like Target and Old Navy. Quality over quantity.

• I'll be back tomorrow to share more details about this challenge!

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