Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City

Bonus points if you know the song lyric above...

Once upon a time I tried to get a summer internship in Kansas City, since my parents live fairly close to there, and I needed experience as a designer while I was in college. Once upon a time I wanted to work for a big advertising firm, so I applied to every last one in the city that had a summer internship program, and a bunch that didn't. I got one interview. I didn't get the job. Story of my life, but such is the world of graphic design. I ended up in a better place with a position that taught me I wasn't really as interested in working for that giant ad firm as I thought I was, so everything's turned out great. I do, however, still like to admire the work that those ad firms do, so I'd like to share a little project with you that brought back some memories for me.

I read design work life on a daily basis, and when I came across these logos, I first thought of a former classmate of mine, as it looked like something she would design. Then I noticed it was designed by a very familiar Kansas City agency. (By this designer in particular)

And it just so happened to be designed for one of my favorite places to visit as a kid, the Kansas City Zoo. I think that poster would be excellent as a framed piece of art. Enjoy it, will you? I'm going to go reminisce for a bit.

Psst, I totally realize that while this post has the phrase "up to date" in it that I'm a few years behind on the release of this branding project. Thanks to Courtney for bringing it to my attention!

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